Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep inner focus which we all go in and out of throughout the day. If you've ever had the experience of getting lost in your thoughts while driving and then realized a while later that you've been making all the correct turns and stops anyway, that was hypnosis. This is a very useful state to be in to make lasting change because it allows the subconscious mind to be accessed and given new instructions ; ones which serve you better.

Will I know what's going on or reveal things about myself I'd like to keep private?

Hypnosis isn't being asleep. You know you're sitting there listening to the voice of your hypnotist, conscious of everything that's happening. You're simply in a very focused, receptive state. What's going on inside your mind is just as private as it would be under any other circumstances.

Will you make me cluck like a chicken?

I charge extra for that. Jokes aside, a hypnosis session is a collaboration between you and your hypnotist to achieve the common goal of the change you came for. You won't be made to do anything you wouldn't want to do anyway. You came for a positive change and your only job is to actively follow the instructions during the brief (usually about 20-30 minutes long) session.

Your hypnotist isn't there to make you do anything at all.

How do I know this will work? What if it doesn't?

It's never happened here so far, but if for whatever reason you don't get the change you want after the agreed upon number of sessions, we'd just keep having sessions (at no further cost) until you DO get what you want. If, hypothetically, you still didn't feel like you got what you came for, you would, of course, be given a full refund.

My friend/colleague/relative tried hypnosis and it didn't work for them. What if I'm like them and just can't benefit from hypnosis?

Just as not all restaurants or chefs are the same, not all hypnotists are either. If someone you know had lousy food somewhere once, you obviously wouldn't write off all restaurants for life. The methods used here at Abe Murray Hypnosis are very direct and effective, and up until now there hasn't been an unsatisfied client.

Is hypnosis over Skype or Zoom as effective as in person?

Yes! As long as we can see and hear each other, there is no less effectiveness even though we're not in the same physical space.