Weight Loss

We're constantly being told that skinny=perfect. Every commercial, every magazine, TV show or movie bombards us with images of skinny people, and the message is that if you have any shape at all, you're somehow imperfect. This often leads to needless guilt. You can stop that inner conflict today, and be happy with yourself once again!

The goal isn't to become a toothpick to measure up to some arbitrary standard imposed on you by the media. Rather, it's to be in control of why and how much you eat. Do you find yourself eating because you want to, or just because you're feeling bored, stressed or lonely, even when you're not hungry? Does it sometimes seem like an automatic activity you're not even thinking about?

The vast majority of overweight people are emotional eaters and most of them don’t even recognize this downward cycle. Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body and putting your mind to work in order to achieve your weight-loss goals can be highly effective. With the use of weight-loss hypnosis, you can look and feel your best!


Most people have tried a diet at some point in their life. But diets are a short-term fix that usually does not have long-term benefits. As soon as the diet has stopped, most people gain back the weight they’ve lost and sometimes even extra pounds. Being overweight is not the problem; it is the reasons that cause the person to overeat that is the problem. That is why diets often do not work!

Weight-loss hypnosis will help you get to the bottom of your problem. With the help of your hypnotist, we will help you build your self-esteem and confidence in order to achieve your weight-loss goals. As your empowering hypnotist, I will help you lose the extra weight and keep it off for good!

* Results may vary from person to person.